Geese on Parade: Walking in Reverse Chevron Formation

This was one of those irresistible photo opportunities using the IPHONE while walking into work. I put the zoom on via a crop, so it will be a little pixely when viewed on larger screens.



The Merger of Tree and House, followed by a gaggle of Geese, or should I say Gooses



1:40 AM UTC -4
A one minute rhyme conceived just now to go with the picture above. I will regret it in the morning!

Gaggle, Maggle

If a goose teams up with like
they become geese and make a gaggle.

So why is it false when a moose teams up with like
they become meese and make a maggle?

Likewise if a member of a gaggle of geese is called a goose,
Shouldn’t a member of a maggie of meese be called a moose?