Animated Grouper

A Grouper

A Grouper

This posting is part of an experiment I’m trying using a video editor and an animated gif generator to create short clips that have the effect of looking a bit like a photograph except for the fact that they are animated. If any of you have watched any of the Harry Potter movies, many of the pictures on the walls and in the newspapers are animated (by magic!).

At any rate I am now using the free version of the gif generator. It will only allow pixel heights or widths of 360 or less. It also embeds the name of the maker, IMGFLIP. The paid version allows full HD output, has no imbedded makers mark and is 9.95 a month. I may subscribe for a month after I experiment with the free version.

Goofy Foot

I heard one of the commentators at this year’s Winter Olympics refer to a specific snowboarder as being “goofy footed”. If you are unfamiliar with goofy footed snowboarders then I highly suggest that you google “goofy footed snowboarders” for some answers.

Please note that this post does not refer to any Olympic sporting event, although it could well be described as pertaining to a goofy foot. This is a snapshot of my daughter’s foot taken by her boyfriend immediately after he illustrated her toes with characterizations of the “little piggies”. Is this goofy? Does it pertain to a foot? Then I posit this is a photo of one goofy foot!