Beautiful, surreal and amazing! Please pass on to the contributor that she has my best wishes for her continued recovery.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by Danielle, a contributor with Major Depressive Disorder and Agoraphobia to varying degrees. She is getting out more than she was a year ago, so hopefully things will keep heading in that direction.

About this photo: “Depression has left me treading the waters of a murky sea for a long time. Thankfully, I am starting to emerge. I even went to a beach recently and a pool. Instead of focusing on my intrusive negative thoughts, I tried to focus on the calming nature of the water, and the vast beauty and potential of the world. A Rumi quote came to mind. It is one of those easier said than done phrases, but it’s beautiful, and one that I am trying to embrace more and more…

‘Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea.’ 



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