A Prayer For Spring

A Prayer For Spring  © 2013 By PhillyManJim

A Prayer For Spring
© 2013 By PhillyManJim

Awesome Piano – Lisitsa Valentina- Moonlight Sonata, Movement 3

A Blogger whose work I love mentioned Moonlight Sonata (By L.V.Beethoven)

As Beethoven had divine inspiration, so does Ms Valentina, who does a wonderful interpretation of the very difficult 3rd movement of this masterpiece.

She was performing in the Royal Albert Hall. This generous woman has her own youtube channel which allows you to watch high definition versions of her perfornmances for free! If you like her work, I recommend you purchase some of her songs or DVD’s to help support this excellent musician!

The Squeak

The Squeak
© 1983
By PhIllyMan Jim

you were started in the spring
And I watched her undergo
A miraculous transformation

and science can’t explain,
Our love,
Of which you’re the culmination.

as summer starts to wane
I look forward to your coming
with increased anticipation

When I touch Betty Jane,
I can feel you inside
Just adding to my elation

My Peaceful joyful Koi!

My Peaceful joyful Koi!

Today the sun broke through after we had received three well needed inches of rain yesterday. My Koi were up and at it. Unfortunately I can’t show all eight of them this time because the shot I liked most showed four of them and a little underwater glimpse of one.