Wishful Physics

Copyright 2008
By PhillyManJim

Wishful physics or “not quite”

Wandering restlessly waiting for that life changing epiphany, like those seven days in may, they didn’t quite make it but the hullabaloo was palpable. Dimensions unseen are but new paths in the decision tree, it seems all one way streets but I’ve been stopped by a puerto rican cop going the wrong way because the language barrier confused me. One branch of that tree included the unspeakable but I can’t seem to reverse that path…the treadles start tearing into my tires and stop the backtrack to the last safe point on that eventful but not in the positive sense day that revisits my consciousness and the number twenty-six which won’t go away. I’ve gotta pass thru that but been tryin to go around for so long now. If I could make a shift to the alternate one where it was an uneventful time that struck no discord in a paradigm since de-hypothesized because the null couldn’t be disproven. I haven’t figured the formula for changing past cause to create different effect, but maybe the eventual contraction of the universe will solve that. Can I exceed the speed of light and in effect go into a cosmic reverse for six years before decelerating and starting forward again with the knowledge that what once occurred can be avoided through the foreknowledge of what alternatives will not lead to the same conclusion? I was there but not quite and I was ignorant but not quite as I am here but not quite. And I am sane but not quite and you are here with me but not quite.


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